Retail Basics Rehab

This is Not a Hobby

Maybe you're confused about this whole Shopify thing.

You may already have a Shopify store or an Etsy shop, but it's just not working.

You're doing all the things you're "supposed" to do, yet sales are slow or non-existent. 

You're questioning everything. Am I selling the right product? Am I pricing it correctly? How do I grow an email list? How do I get traffic? And how do I get people to buy?

In short, you're totally confused on how to run a profitable business.

You want to sell a product. One that you love and your customers love.

You know you want a side hustle or a full blow business. Either way, you don't want a hobby. Your Shopify store needs to make money for you and your family.

I'm here to tell you --->>>  you absolutely can create a Shopify business you're confident and wildly excited about. One that attracts the right customers that share your same values, and that works for you (even if you have no idea what to sell right now).

Introducing: Retail Basics Rehab

A self-study program to teach you exactly how to find + define your target market, sell products you and your customers love, price & package them to make a profit, and attract customers to a Shopify store that's built perfectly for converting traffic to sales. 

Essentially, you'll learn everything you need to know before starting a Shopify store (or how to fix one that's broken).

Join me in this course for high-level tips, tricks and strategy and refreshing perspectives around running an online retail store.

Owning a Shopify store requires retail know-how.

I get this.

I've been in the retail world for over 15 years. I even have a legit Retail degree. 

I’ve sold over a million in products online. Started 5 online businesses. Tanked some. Then started seeing profits. And one after another started making more and more.

It gets easier with the right retail foundation. 

I know how to guide you to find the perfect product to sell that you love and your customers love buying.

I know how to price to make a profit and get conversions.

I know how to attract people to my stores.

I know how to build a Shopify store that gets sales.

This Is for You If You Desire To:

💕 Sell from your heart

💕 Sell based on your values

💕 Serve others with a product that serves them

💕 Increase your confidence around building a business that works

💕 Know what a fully functioning business requires

💕 Know the practical steps it takes to start a Shopify store

💕 Share your values with the world while solving a problem for people

💕 Design a business that you’re wildly excited and confident about

💕 Know how to attract the right customers easily and repel soul-sucking customers

💕 Shift your business to work for you and not the other way around

Prove it to yourself that you’re ready to take your business seriously.

Here's What You Get

Lesson #1: Products That Sell

Finding + Defining Money-Making Markets

Problem Solving Products

Sourcing Sources

Vetting + Visibility

Lesson #2: Building the Brand

Pricing + Packaging for Selling

Assets for Attraction

Lesson #3 Setting the Stage for Sales

The Highly Converting Shopify Store - everything you need on your Shopify store to convert browsers to buyers

Lesson #4 Let's Get Visible

Attracting the Perfect Customer - marketing, advertising & PR

I'm laying the full retail business foundation for you. You'll learn how to pick products that sell, how to source them, price them, all while knowing exactly who you're selling to and why.


Video Training #1: How to Think Like an Entrepreneur ($27 value)

Video Training #2: Retail Fundamentals for a Business That Lasts ($47 value)

Enroll today and get the additional training - How to Get on the First Page of Google Instantly ($47 value)


High Energy. Get it Done.

So you can go into the world and do the damn thing.

If you’re pivoting. Just getting started. Or started but struggling. This is for you.

I’m breaking online retail way down to the very first steps.


Each lesson was recorded at the gorgeous Camelback Inn in Scottsdale, AZ.