Get on the First Page of Google, Instantly

You've done the work to build your Shopify store. You've got a great product and a brand you're proud of. 

Now, how do you get traffic?

I don't mean any old traffic. I mean traffic that wants exactly what you're selling. Traffic that's ready and willing to buy from you. 

You could run ads. Facebook, Instagram, Google. They're all willing to take your money in exchange for showing your ad to might-be-buyers. But let's be honest, ads can work, but for most people, it's tough to get them to work. And you're sick of throwing money away in hopes for a few window shoppers. 

You could invest in SEO. But what does that actually mean? Does it mean writing 100s of long-form blog posts in hopes that one day Google will grant you the coveted first-page ranking?

SEO is super important but it's a long term strategy. And you need sales now. 

So how do you by-pass the waiting game? 

When I started The Bali Market 3 years ago my website was invisible. I knew if people could find my website they'd love what I was selling (and happily buy my towels). But they couldn't find me. 

Google doesn't like new websites (like yours). They want proof that your website is worth showing to their billions of users. So how do you get that proof? 

I have a solution. An approach I used to get people coming to my website instantly. 

It's a simple solution. So simple you might be annoyed. But it's so simple it works every time. 

If you have a Shopify store this solution will work for you. With this approach, you could be on the first page of Google today. (I'm serious, that's how quickly it worked for me.)


What you'll get:

*Pre-Recorded Live Call*

If you missed the live call you can still get access to the recorded call. 

On the call we discussed:

What is SEO really? 

The #1 way Google finds and ranks your store.

How to do keyword research to find buyers (not browsers).

How to get on the first page of Google instantly.

Additional ways to get the first-page status.

The first time I used this approach I got on the first page of Google the same day. And got my first sale direct from it the next day. And the sales kept coming, day after day.

This is not a black-hat tactic. I would never recommend anything that would harm your business or reputation. This is a perfectly safe and legitimate approach to get your website visible to your dream customers.

Ready to get targeted traffic flowing to your site? Sign-up for access to the pre-recorded call. 

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