Let's Get Visible

Your Shopify store is completely invisible. 

And to get consistent sales your store needs to be VISIBLE.

Getting traffic to your store feels like an uphill battle. Everyday it feels like you're just waiting and hoping people will find your website. 


You're wondering why you're not getting sales. 

And you're making it way harder on yourself than it needs to be. 

But you want those consistent cha-chings.

There are 5 things you can do to get your store visible. And it doesn't require posting on Instagram 10 times a day. 

Introducing: Let's Get Visible

5 audio trainings that will help you get the visibility (and traffic) your store needs to make consistent sales.

I share 5 specific things I've done in my first year of business to bring in all the right buyers. 

It's 5 trainings that will teach you there's more to marketing than posting on social media. 

Plus there's an extra mini-lesson that you can implement right now to start being more visible in all the right places.

Consistent traffic doesn't come from posting on social media. Social media is one tiny part of the equation. 

There are better ways to spend your time. And doing these will help you rank better in Google. Help you build credibility so you can land more sales and more PR. 


When I first launched my Shopify store The Bali Market, I knew I couldn't just sit around a wait for people to find me. 

Because sales were non-existent. Nobody knew I existed. And I knew I had to change that. 

I got in front of the right customers and Shopify let me know it was working. I went from invisible to being in the top 5% of of stores to now being in the top 2% for traffic.  

And these are the exact 5 things I did to grow my traffic quickly. 

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