5k in a Day - The Bin Sale Method

Introducing: 5K in a Day - The Bin Sale Method

A case study and guide to get you from over-stocked to selling-out. 

This is the actual step-by-step strategy I used to turn-over seconds quality inventory to make 5K in a day, in my Shopify store, The Bali Market.


Here's what you'll get:

  • A full case study PDF of The Bin Sale plan and process I use to quickly sell lots of otherwise un-sellable inventory. 
  • The exact opt-in and emails I send to build anticipation for the sale.
  • The exact emails I send to promote the sale (and sell-out every time).
  • PLUS a BONUS worksheet planner you can use to plan your own version of The Bin Sale


Too much inventory happens. But it's 100% possible for you to get rid of it quickly. Over the past 3 years I've perfected The Bin Sale Method. And it never fails to bring in cash fast, liquidate unsellable inventory and grow my email list. And I want to teach it to you.