Resources I Love

A list of everything I use to run my Shopify stores.

This page contains some affiliate links. I may be compensated if you make a purchase from this page, at no extra cost to you. These are all resources I use in my businesses. 


Books: Curated list of books specific for ecommerce business owners. 


Shopify: Website, obviously :)

Out of the Sandbox: Themes. I currently am using Turbo and Retina. For this website, It's Grace Hayden, I use Artisan.

Klaviyo: Email service provider. Created specifically for e-commerce. 

Privy: For email collection - I use it for opt-ins, pop-ups, and free shipping banner. 


Uprinting: Product sleeves. They were the only printer I could find who could print 22" long product wrap.

Sticker Mule: Stickers and gum backed shipping tape.

Nashville Wraps: Tissue paper.

EcoEnclose: 100% recycled poly mailers and packing material. 


Katie Zupan: My graphic designer.

The Crown Fox: Kaitlyn designs all my PDFs. Great for turning blog posts into PDFs (then use as an opt-in for collecting emails).

Filmhaus: Videographer - MN based. 

Soona: Product photos



Tanya Brothen: Best for small jobs - SEO, emails, special pages (About Us). Hourly or package rates.

Jamie Jenson: Best for high level writing trainings and 1:1 coaching. 

Jaynell Mcentee: Best for affordable and well researched on-site blog posts. You can hire her to write one post at a time. 

Kaitlin Senter: Best for website copy, on-site blog posts, and off-site articles (for PR). You can hire her for a 3-hours or a whole day to get all your copy done at once.



CMA Trademarks: Courtney Alvarez - Trademark Lawyer

Bench: Bookkeeping for ecom



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