Who is Grace Hayden?


Pull up a chair, pour yourself a drink. Let's chat about your Shopify store.

Grace Hayden is the founder of the Shopify stores, The Bali Market, and The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen. And also helps budding Shopify store owners build and run successful stores of their own. She's passionate about supporting Shopify store owners because she knows firsthand the struggle of having a sluggish eCommerce store.


She also knows that the best way to find success is through working with others who've been there before. There's no reason to struggle on your own. Now, she’s helping Shopify store owners like YOU. 


She's not about hype. But about creating a Shopify store that brings you joy. You didn't open your shop to have a job. You opened it to have massive success and excitement. 


You're here for quick and steady wins. And she's here for that. She'll pour the Champagne when you're ready to celebrate.


When she’s not teaching or selling on her own Shopify store, you can find Grace de-cluttering her home, at a hotel bar happy hour, or listening to her weirdly-eclectic record collection (Britney Spears and Captain & Tennille go together, right?)