Who is Grace Hayden?


Hi, I’m Grace.

I’ve been in the world of retail and ecommerce for over 20 years. I even have a degree in retail, but, surprisingly, that’s not where I learned my most valuable knowledge of the retail industry. 


I learned through years of trying... and failing. I tried and failed at all the “ecom bro” and “boss babe” tactics until I finally found what worked for me, as a mom, who didn’t want to spend all her time “hustling” and “girl bossing”. 


I tried a handmade business and quickly got burned out from trying to make AND sell everything myself. I tried selling on Amazon and quickly realized I was building an asset for Amazon, not myself. And I’ve even been tempted by a few MLMs, but the numbers never added up for my own bottom line. 


And then, I discovered the way to intersect ecommerce x motherhood. And my businesses - and my family - thrived. 


I’ve done it all and now I’m here to share my secrets with you of what worked so you can avoid what didn’t. 


Here’s what I believe around here: 

I believe good things happen when moms have money

I believe good things happen when moms collaborate

I believe good things happen when moms work on their own terms


Here’s what I do: 

I help moms create profitable ecommerce businesses on their own terms.


Here’s how I do it: 

I start by leaning into your own personal strengths, lived experiences, and desires for how you want to live your life. We then create a business that fits neatly into your life while removing any guilt, shame or embarrassment you may have around owning your own business. 

What I’ve Been Up To:

The 90s: Worked all the cliche mall jobs - Gap, Abercrombie, Hollister, and Crabtree & Evelyn (at the “world famous” Mall of America) in the state where malls were invented, Minnesota. 


2003 - 2007: Got a literal B.S. in Retail from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. 


2010: Landed my dream job in a high-end furniture store. Spent my lunch hours crying in my car. Realized I can’t work for a company. 


2014: Had my first daughter. Started a handmade company selling nursing necklaces on Etsy and Shopify. 


2016: Started The Bali Market selling Turkish towels - a single product ecomm store that grew quickly - doubling my sales every year. Focused on building a brand with the dream to sell in 5 years. 


2019: Started The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen - another single product brand that also doubles in sales year over year. 


2021: Realized the dream of selling The Bali Market (and yes, we popped the Champagne!). Launched Love What You Sell.