Fix Your Marketing Mess

Your Shopify Store NEEDS a Marketing Makeover. 

You've got your store up and running, but nobody's buying.

You post daily on the social medias, run ads, and send emails but sales are not coming in.

You feel like you're doing all the right things but sales are slow and you're frustrated.

Every single day you're not prioritizing your marketing. And that's because you don't know what to do, where to do it, or how to do it. 

Because if you were being honest with yourself you'd admit that you're winging it. You know you don't have a marketing plan. And you really have no idea what a marketing promo calendar is (don't worry, I can teach you).

Sales don't just happen. You have to carefully calculate your marketing to make sure they happen. 

And with a calculated plan you can absolutely start getting consistent sales.

I'm here to help you get the right plan for your business. 

This is the call that gets your marketing in-line. So you'll know what you're selling, and to who, everyday.

When you know your plan you'll know exactly what to post on Instagram. You'll know exactly what to email (and who to send those emails to). And you'll know how much money you can expect to make month after month. 


When I started The Bali Market in 2016 I knew I had a great product (my towels were selling out with 5-star reviews on Amazon). But on my own website the sales were slow and very inconsistent. 

I've spent my entire career working in retail and I thankfully understood I needed a marketing plan (and a marketing promo calendar). 

Once I got my marketing plan in place I started to slowly build up sales every month. And from 2016-2018 I doubled my sales every year.

With a marketing plan in place I now know:

  • What to post on social media
  • Exactly what to email and to who
  • What I'm selling everyday
  • How much inventory I need to stock
  • Where I need to show up for my customers to find me


Here's How This Works:

We jump on a Zoom call (all the cool kids are using Zoom). Each call is 75 minutes.

You'll get an email to schedule your call. And I'll ask you a few on-boarding questions so we can make the most of our time together.

During the call we'll create a marketing plan specific to your business.

You'll leave with a clear plan so you'll know exactly what to do everyday so that you can bring in sales everyday. Simply and consistently. 


I'm going to help you create a marketing plan that shows you how to consistently  so that it blows up your sales.

You'll leave this call with a clear plan on how to market your Shopify store. 

Here are some things we might discuss (again, this is fully tailored to where you are and what your business needs):

We'll plan your marketing so you're not just spraying 20% off discount codes everywhere (damaging your brand and your profits).

We'll create irresistible offers and target the right people for those offers.

We'll create a list of offers you can use at anytime to boost sales when things are sluggish.

This call is tailored to you and your business. It will be the best use of your time and resources.

Marketing is a critical piece of running a profitable Shopify store.

This call is for you if you're already getting sales on your Shopify store but you're ready to for more sales and more consistent profits.

Sure, you could flounder your way through creating a marketing plan on your own. But with on this call you'll get way more done and know that it's done right. 

If you're ready to fix your muddled marketing mess, I'm ready to help. 



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