Strategy Call - 60 Minutes

You need to be selling more on Shopify, but you're stuck.

Your Shopify store is up and running. You've built it from the ground up through research, dedication and doing the work. You've totally committed yourself to building a successful Shopify store, but something's not right.

You've done all the DIY you can do. Now you're ready for an expert to step in with a step-by-step plan that's personalized for your personal Shopify store. 

Or maybe you're just getting started and feeling 100% paralyzed with getting your Shopify store up and running.  

Wherever you're at, I'm here to help you fix your Shopify store woes. 


I created this One on One Strategy Call for when you're feeling stuck and ready take action in your business. During our time together we're going to map out action plans specific to you and your business needs. You'll walk away feeling excited and refreshed and ready to take your business to the next level. 


60-Minute Call With Grace

Can one call change your life? It certainly can change the success you're having with your Shopify store. Each Zoom call is catered to your personal Shopify struggles. 

Some topics we can talk about during your call include: 

  • Long and short term strategies for growth
  • Increasing your conversion rate
  • Driving more (quality) traffic to your store
  • Setting up your homepage
  • Mapping out the must-have pages for your website
  • Creating a marketing plan
  • Email marketing strategy
  • Q & A session -- ask me anything!  

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Worth Every Dollar and More!

I'm so glad I signed up for the Strategy Call. Grace is amazing and extremely helpful. Make sure to have your pen and paper ready. I've been running my product based e-commerce biz for 4 years now and she gave me so many valuable ideas and provided great advice on what areas of my business I should be focusing on. Often times, as soloprenuer you're juggling so many things at once that it can become difficult to focus on the areas that will allow you to scale your business. But after my strategy call with Grace, I feel so much better and confident on how to accomplish this.

Ashleigh Kelly

Grace was incredible! She was super prepared for our meeting and gave us a new perspective and new ideas we hadn't thought of yet. HIGHLY recommend her services!

Great use of time

I really appreciated Grace's preparedness for our call, her perspective and the value she added. It gave me a slightly different perspective on my business that I needed. She has the experience, the knowledge and has found an excellent way to share it to support others. I'll be using her services again and definitely recommend her!

Paul Cunek
I needed this perspective

I’m a copywriter by trade, so you’d think I’d have a handle on what it takes to sell a product. But when you’re so close to what you’re doing and so emotionally invested, you miss stuff. As soon as I saw Grace’s TikTok vids, I was like, “I need to talk to her.” I knew she would be able help reveal my blind spots and the biases that would stand in the way of my achieving my sales goals. And she did. I got so many fresh insights as well as doses of medicine I dole out to others but was resisting myself. I was really impressed with how creative Grace was on the spot with ideas for selling my book and related products, when she had only just met me and learned about what I was selling and trying to achieve with my brand. The hour went fast, so I’m glad I took lots of notes. So worth the investment. I’m sure I’ll be back again.

Alex G
Eye Opening Conversation

The amount of information and guidance received on that one call was amazing. I was stuck and did not know how to move forward. This call gave me so much input to work on and I cannot wait to implement those changes.