Shopify Site Sweep

A personalized video review of your website to increase conversions

What if a few tweaks to your website could bring in more sales everyday?

And what if you're missing key conversion boosting features and you don't even know it? You'd be losing out on sales everyday.

The only way to make your website better from your customer's perception is to to get fresh eyes on it. 

It's hard to critique your own website. You work deep in your site and it's almost impossible to take a step back to see what tweaks are needed.

You may have asked for feedback on your Shopify store from friends, family and in Facebook groups. That advice can be dangerous because they don't understand your store, your analytics and they don't actually know what works or doesn't work.

It can also feel scary and hurtful. Strangers in a Facebook group don't have your best intentions at heart (and worse yet, you might get trolled!)

But you're stuck. And frustrated. You built a Shopify store, listed all your shiny products and... nothing.

I've been there. I built a beautiful Shopify store, drove traffic to the site and got... crickets.

I learned quickly that stressing about the logo and other superficial things didn't translate to more sales. So I looked deeper - and started focusing on the details that could increase my conversion rate.

And after tweaking and testing I found the key conversion boosting features every Shopify store needs. I want to share them with you!

In doing this, I was able to take my Shopify store from $0 sales to $10,000+/mo in a short time.


You can do it too.

You just need a strategy that's based on retail fundamentals and systems that bring you more sales (while you sleep!). And, you need that strategy to come from someone who's had the success you want (Hi!).

Hi, I'm Grace Hayden and I built a Shopify store from scratch that went from zero orders (yep.. zero) to 100+ orders a month in a less than a year.

I struggled just like you. So I dove deep into studying what makes people actually buy. I used the tactics I learned and suddenly my website was selling on auto-pilot.

I can now look at any Shopify store and instantly see why the owner is struggling to make sales, plus I can offer the solution to fix their conversion problems.

Want me to do that for you?

Shopify Site Sweep is a personalized video walk-through of your website where missing conversion boosting features are addressed so you can have a website that sells more automatically. 

I'll walk through as a prospective customer and give you tweaks that will make big improvements. You can follow along as I show and talk you through ways to improve your site for more conversions and increased sales - meaning more money for you!


Does someone critiquing your website sound terrifying?

Opening up your site to criticism can feel violating. I understand your feelings. I'm a sensitive introvert and I only offer respectful and uplifting support.

In your video I'll focus on key areas of improvement that will increase your conversions, sales and profits. Some will be simple changes and others will be long term strategies.

What you'll get:

15-20 minute video of me using your website and talking through areas of improvement. You can refer back to your video time and again, and make changes at your own pace.

Free advice in Facebook groups can't give you the in-depth insight needed to make real sales boosting improvements.

Each video is a Loom screen share video. You'll be able to watch how I (and your potential customers) navigate your website.

Each video starts on the homepage. I'll scroll through each section making suggestions to create a higher converting homepage. Depending on your website's needs - I may discuss the navigation bar, section formatting, images, messaging/copy, email opt-ins and more.

From the homepage I'll go through each page of your website explaining opportunities for growth.

Quick wins - You'll get action items you can quickly put into place to increase your conversion rate instantly.

Broken links - This is a biggie that's super easy to overlook! I'll check your links to make sure everything takes you where you need to go (imagine, your customer clicks a link to buy a product and the link is broken! Yikes!). I'll find broken links so your customers can get where they need to go.

Check on desktop and mobile - You've heard it over and over... mobile is king! But what actually makes your site mobile friendly? The video walk through is recorded on desktop but will I check your mobile site and talk through mobile issues that may be killing your conversion.

Long term/future plans - Some website issues may take longer to resolve, but they shouldn't be ignored. I'll lay out big solutions for creating a solid foundation using retail fundamentals that will set you up for long term growth.

Competitors/Creative Inspiration - I also find examples of other websites that will provide creative inspiration for you.

Follow-up email - After watching your video, you may have more questions. You can ask any questions you may have via one email correspondence with me.

Your website could be selling so much more. And that's what I want for you. More sales, bigger profits and a website that's working for you (not the other way around).

What you can expect:
Before I record your Shopify Site Sweep, you'll complete an On-Boarding Questionnaire that will give me the insight needed to give you the best advice for your site (this info is crucial for me to give you advice that works for you). 


Ready to get started? Scroll back up and click Add to Cart. 

Customer Reviews

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Jill Burton
Wonderful Feedback!

I was so thankful for Graces review of my website. She was quick and through. It is refreshing to have someone give feedback along with suggestions on resources to make your site look & run better. I look forward to her doing another sweep for me once I have made upgrades & changes she suggested. I highly suggest this review. Great experience. Thanks Grace!