What to Do When You Need Cash Flow Quickly in Your Shopify Business

You've got too much inventory. 
And what you need is cash flow, and quickly.

Since the start of the Coronavirus threat it’s been my strategy to sell as much as possible. While I still can.

👉 No one knows the right thing to do right now. We’ve never experienced this in our lifetime. There is no playbook to follow.

But for my business I’ve decided to focus on one thing. And it's working for me.
My focus is to sell as much as possible while I still can.

I carry inventory. I have expenses. And if things get worse (which the signs tell us it will) I don’t want to have a bunch of inventory that I can’t sell.

👉 I’d rather sell as much as possible and have the cash flow needed to continue to keep my business open.

But I don’t want to damage my brand by mindlessly discounting.

👉 The good news is there’s a way to sell a lot of inventory quickly, without damaging your brand. And that strategy is my Bin Sale Method.

I’ve used The Bin Sale Method for 3 years in my business to get rid of unsellable inventory and bring in cash quickly.

This strategy can be used anytime in your business (I use it quarterly). But right now is an ideal and crucial time to use it.

If you’re worried about having too much inventory and need cash flow this is for you.

It happens. Sometimes you have products that just won't sell. Maybe they're off season. Maybe they're seconds quality (you know, a little damaged, but still 100% new and useable). 

Or maybe you just bought too much and need to get cash quick to fund other parts of your business.

Either way, you need to sell these products now. To free up cash and space (both valuable assets).

You also need to get rid of this stuff so you can stop feeling bad about it. Trust me, over buying happens to everyone in the retail world. There's no reason to beat yourself up over it. You just need to get rid of it (without losing all the money). 

The good news is there's a way to quickly liquidate your unsellable products. 

A way to sell the products you want to get rid of, quickly, without losing your investment.


So you can get cash flowing into your account again.

Introducing: 5K in a Day - The Bin Sale Method

A case study and guide to get you from over-stocked to selling-out. 

This is the actual step-by-step strategy I used to turn-over seconds quality inventory to make 5K in a day, in my Shopify store, The Bali Market.

The products I sell are all handmade (not by me). And, because they’re not made on a cookie-cutter machine, some of the towels had imperfections. 

When I would come across a towel that had a small snag or smudge I tossed it aside.  Not knowing what to do with them. 

Over time that pile of unsellable towels kept growing. And the cost of not selling the towels was weighing on me. I knew I needed to somehow recoup the cost of the towels (and ideally make a profit). But I didn’t want to damage my brand’s reputation of quality handmade goods.

So I figured out a way to sell them. And sell them quickly. All without losing money or damaging my brand's reputation. I call it The Bin Sale Method.

And this is a process anyone can use (really, it's a retail industry standard - just no one outside of the big retailers are implementing it). 

And as a bonus, when you follow this process you'll also grow your email list of buyers with ease.

And you know your email list is one of your most valuable assets. 

So yes, you'll sell out of your un-sellable products AND grow your email list. 

Here's what you'll get:

  • A full case study PDF of The Bin Sale plan and process I use to quickly sell lots of otherwise un-sellable inventory. 
  • The exact opt-in and emails I send to build anticipation for the sale.
  • The exact emails I send to promote the sale (and sell-out every time).
  • PLUS a BONUS worksheet planner you can use to plan your own version of The Bin Sale


I’ve created a full step-by-step guide so you can learn and use The Bin Sale Method in your business.

And I’ve made is super accessible. Is it free? Nope. A lot of work and valuable info is in this guide. Plus, if it was free you wouldn’t take it seriously (we pay attention when we pay).

But I’ve dropped the price for this intro release. Because I really want you to try it.

Too much inventory happens. But it's 100% possible for you to get rid of it quickly. Over the past 3 years I've perfected The Bin Sale Method. And it never fails to bring in cash fast, liquidate unsellable inventory and grow my email list. And I want to teach it to you.

👉 Get access to 5K in a Day - The Bin Sale Strategy here.

*All sales final*

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