How to Grow Your List and Get More Sales

If you're not emailing, they're not buying.

To get consistent sales you need to consistently bring new people into your world (ie. grow your email list) and consistently ask for the sale (ie. email engaging and irresistible offers).

In short, you need to send more emails.

But you're wondering, "what would I even write in an email?" And with everything else on your to-do list you're thinking "I don't have time to send so many emails!"

And you really don't want to feel like you're spamming your list (what if they unsubscribe!?) 

What if you knew exactly what to write that made people excited to open every email you sent? 

And what if every time you sent an email you knew exactly what to write to get people buying? 


Introducing E-com Email Elixir

A 3 part video training that gets you growing your list and emailing your list with ease.

Learn the exact email strategy I use that gets people opening, clicking, and buying from every email I send.


Almost 50% of my sales come from email. (If I stopped emailing my list today I'd lose 50% of my sales. Let that sink in.)

I knew if I wanted get more and more sales each month, I needed to grow my email list each month. And I also knew that a big email list was worthless without an email marketing strategy that engaged, entertained and converted subscribers to buyers.

So I used a combination of irresistible opt-ins and calculated emails to get sales everyday. 

I know that every person on my list, and every email I send, makes me money.

And you can absolutely use this strategy in your Shopify store. 

You'll learn how to email, who to email, and when to email so you don't feel like you're spamming everyone.


Plus get tips on how to write emails that get opened, read, and clicked.




1.5 hours of video trainings broken up into 3 digestible lessons (that include opt-in and email templates you can steal).

Video Lesson 1: Opt-ins with Oomph

I share the exact opt-ins I use that work best for growing my list quickly. Because you first need to have to people on your email list before you can email them. This is where you'll get people on your email list in the first place. (includes 14 opt-in templates you can steal). 

Video Lesson 2: Subscribers to Buyers

Here you'll get your automatic emails in place so you can transform your subscribers into buyers all on auto-pilot (includes templates for the 3 types of automatic emails your Shopify store needs).

Video Lesson 3: Campaigns for Conversation & Quick Cash 

You've got a list full of people who want to hear from you and want what you're selling. In this lesson you'll get the exact emails you should be sending them to keep them engaged and buying again and again. 


  • The 3-Step Process for Writing Emails that Convert
  • The 3 Email Welcome Series Templates
  • 40 Subject Lines that Get Opened - Swipe List
  • 5 Emails to Send to Get Non-Purchasers Buying
  • 50+ Things You Can Email Your List Today 
  • And to get you writing quicker - 10 Writing Prompts to Beat Writer's Block


My business would not be what it is today without this email marketing strategy.

I want you to grow your list everyday. Email your list everyday (don't worry, with this strategy it's not as time consuming as you think). And make more money everyday.

And E-Com Email Elixir is just the thing to cure your email marketing ailments. 



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