Be Your Own PR Manager with This One Simple Trick

KDWB wants to know...

I grew up in a suburb of St. Paul. For my entire life there was one Top 40 radio station, KDWB. Everybody listened to KDWB. KDWB didn't have any competitors. But that wasn't always the case. 


The story goes, when KDWB first came on the scene they knew they needed to get their name out there. So to get their name out there, they literally started saying their name all the time. 

On-air they'd say: "This is KDWB" "Thanks for listening to KDWB" "You're on KDWB". 

And their most powerful trick was to say their name off-air, at public places like press conferences. 

Every time they asked a question they'd say "KDWB wants to know"


And here's what happened. They said their name so many times during one press conference, the person being interviewed repeated it back. They said "Does KDWB want to know this?"

The crowd laughed. And never forgot the name KDWB.


This aggressive PR move sealed KDWB as the #1 radio station in the Twin Cities. And to this day it still has few (if any) real competitors. 

Nobody knows your business name like you do. The best way to get people to remember your name (and more specifically your business name) is to repeat it over and over again. 

How many people do you know who claim they are "bad with names" (you might be one of them)? Well, they're also bad at remembering business names. 

To get people to remember, say and write your business name everywhere, and all the time.

Where should you say your business name? In your:
  • captions
  • comments you post
  • emails
  • email signature
  • blog posts
  • conversations
  • interview

Say your business name multiple times in every written and verbal interaction. 

Pro tip: tag your Instagram posts with your @name. If someone taps your photo, they'll see your name on the tag. 


Repeat again and again. Because repetition helps people remember. 

Getting someone to remember you and your name is the most powerful PR move you can make.

So, who's the #1 radio station in the Twin Cities? I'm guessing you remember.


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