3 Things to Fix on Your Shopify Homepage (Before Happy Hour)

Your homepage is the first thing a new customer sees. It needs to give a super polished first impression. You don't need to fuss and muss over it. But there are a few things you can do to make it convert a little bit better (and more conversions = more money for you). 

So before you pour your happy hour cocktail make these quick tweaks. They'll make your Shopify store look a little more pro (and help make you a little more cash).


1. Remove HOME From Your Navigation Bar.

I could go blue in the face shouting this sentiment to every Shopify store owner I know. And it would also take me less than 2 minutes to find a Shopify store that still has HOME on their navigation bar. 

I could scream. 

Shopify, for whatever reason, automatically adds HOME to the navigation bar, but that doesn't mean you should leave it there. Honestly, it looks amateur hour. No reputable e-comm site has this. 

So go into your navigation settings (Online Store > Navigation) and REMOVE HOME. It will take you 2 minutes. 

Wondering how anyone will get back to your homepage without that link? Your logo does that job. And you really don't want anyone returning to your homepage, anyway. You want to keep them moving toward that checkout!

2. Add a Tagline

Pull up your website. What do you see?

Say someone has never been to your site before. Would they be able to tell what you sell in the first 3 seconds of landing on your site?

If no, you need to fix that. When someone comes to your website you have about 3 seconds to show them your site is for them (or not for them).

And a simple tagline (done thoughtfully) should do the trick. 

Here are some brands doing taglines right:

Away Luggage:
The foundation of any travel uniform, sized to carry onto or check on any flight.
Ritual Vitamins: 
The future of vitamins is clear. 
Inflight elixir (the healthy travel drink mix).


Don't overcomplicate it. What are you selling, and why is different? If you want a simple solution, take a play from Olive & June. They use a quote from a review as their tagline.

"This just might be the best nail polish we've ever used."


3. Check Every Link: 

Broken links are annoying. And could cost you a customer. Go through every link on your homepage and make sure it links to the right page.

I've clicked on a few Instagram links that took my to the wrong profile. Yikes. Social links are notorious for being broken, so make sure to check those. 

And even if it's linked correctly, ask yourself, do I need this on my homepage? A clear and simple homepage works best, so if you have something on your homepage that isn't helpful, get rid of it (and by helpful I mean it should lead your customer to buy). If it doesn't get them shopping (or educate them on why they should shop with you), get rid of it. 


Look at you go! Your homepage is working better and now you're ready for happy hour. 

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