10 Great Examples of USPs for Modern Ecommerce Brands

Why should anyone care about your brand?

That's the question you need to answer, quickly, on your Shopify store.

But, how do you do that?

First you need to understand that every consumer is selfish. Not because they're a terrible person. But because it's human nature.

We know the consumer is selfish. We also know people buy to solve a problem.

So then we know our store needs to convey why our product is best at solving a specific problem for a specific person. 


And you do that with a USP.

A USP or unique selling proposition, is the reason someone should buy from you, and not from your competitors. 


USPs are not just for big corporations. Every brand needs to quickly convey why they're different and better (in their target market's eye). 

A great USP will make someone think - wow, this brand gets me.




A USP calls out the exact problem your brand solves and why that's different than another brand. 

How do you write a USP? Answer these two questions:

  • What is your customer's problem?
  • How are you solving it differently than your competitor? 


Ready to go deeper? Shopify's blog has an in-depth article on how to write a USP: 

What a Unique Selling Proposition Is (And Isn't) Plus 10 Examples to Inspire You



Once your USP is done, everything else becomes easier. Marketing, emailing, IG posts, captions... That's because your USP is your guiding light. 

Know what you stand for, what you're best at, and who you're serving, and you'll know what to write in your marketing materials. 


Here are great examples of brands using their USP to connect with the right customer. Use these to inspire you as you write your brand's USP. 



Here are 10 Great Examples of USPs:


1. Boll & Branch - "Better choices. Better sleep."

2. Sephora - "Let's beauty together."

3. Pepper - "The best bras for small busts."

4. Away - "Built for modern travel."

5. The Bali Market - "Feel-good goods for a feel-good home."

6. Tecovas - "Western goods for new frontiers."

7. Primary - "No labels, no slogans. Just super soft, sustainable, simpler clothes that your kids will love."

8. The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen - "Prepared, self-reliant & dependable."

9. Feed - "We create good products that help feed children around the world."

10. Andie - "A fit for everything you are. And everything you do."


Now it's your turn. 


What else does your Shopify store need? The Four Things Every Shopify Store Needs (That Nobody is Talking About). 

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