8 Black Women Owned Shopify Stores to Shop Today

Women are paid less. Women entrepreneurs are paid even less. And for black women entrepreneurs? Well, the pay gap is just maddening. 

Your money matters. You can use your money to support causes, businesses, and humans in the way you best see fit. In other words - you have the power to help that unequal wage gap shrink. 

Here's a list of black women owned Shopify stores you can shop today. You'll find a mix of snacks, beauty products, accessories, home goods, and more.

Making a one time purchase is a great start. But you can truly make an impact by being a loyal, repeat customer. 



Granola Snacks

Oh-Mazing! was founded by Stephanie Williams after she developed a granola recipe as an alternative to some of the unhealthy snacks found on grocery store shelves.

Yes, they sell granola (it's quite tasty), but more importantly, Stephanie wants to inspire you to live your life with purpose, passion, and to follow your dreams. 

Be extraordinary. Be adventurous. Be Oh-Mazing!


Oh Mazing Granola


Handbags and Accessories


Olori means queen. 

In partnership with women-owned businesses and local artisans in Africa, Olori makes handbags and accessories that are the ultimate symbols of empowerment. And every product sold pays tuition for girls in under-served African communities.

Good for women. Women for Good. 


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Olori Hand Bags



Brown Girl Stationary 

Stationary, Notebooks, Backpacks, Digital Downloads

Kamaria Warren is an eleven year old CEO who designs schools supplies for young girls of color. Yep, she's eleven. 

Kamaria believes that it is important to give girls of color something that they can relate to. Several of her designs feature young girls with disabilities and common disorders like Vitiligo. Her hope is to empower anyone who connects with her brands characters so that they are no longer afraid of what makes them unique. 


Brown Girl Stationary 



Justina Blakeney started Jungalow as a design blog in her tiny, plant-filled living room back in 2009. It has since grown into a flourishing lifestyle brand that sells everything from planters to wallpaper. 

Their goal is to help you tap into your own creativity and bring good vibes to your home. 


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All-Natural Marketplace for Beauty and Home Goods

BLK + GRN is an all natural marketplace by all Black artisans. Dr. Kristian Henderson’s mission has always been to connect Black women to the tools, resources, knowledge and products they need to lead happier and healthier lives.

You'll find everything you need for self care here. And all products are free from the top 20 toxins. And they carry my personal favorite - The Honey Pot Wash. 

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Harlem Candle Company

Harlem Candle Company is a luxury home fragrance brand specializing in scented candles inspired by the richness of Harlem. 

Founded in 2014 by travel and lifestyle expert Teri Johnson, the Harlem Candle Company is the manifestation of her love affair with fragrance, jazz, and Harlem.


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Goodnight Darling Co.

Aycee Brown founded Goodnight Darling Co., a lifestyle brand dedicated to teaching women how to sleep well, after suffering from insomnia since childhood.

After a ton of research, she finally found a regimen and created products that work.


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Scent & Fire Candle Company


Scent & Fire Candle Company was founded by Monisha Edwards to help manage her anxiety, depression, and ADHD. 

Monisha uses organic ingredients for clean and smoke-free burning, as well as sustainable packaging.


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