Helping New Shopify Sellers Create Stores They're Proud of Using Retail & Marketing Fundamentals

Is Your Shopify Store Struggling?

You have your products, you have your Instagram account, heck, you even have your website built, but you're not getting any sales.

You have dreams of running a successful Shopify store full time,
but right now that feels impossible. I've been there before and I know how to help. 

Hi, I'm Grace Hayden

I help female Shopify entrepreneurs create Shopify stores that are ready to bring in 6-figures with a combination of retail business expertise, website design foundations, and online marketing strategies to boost your revenue in less time.

When I first started building my own Shopify website, I felt paralyzed by ALL the themes, customizations and settings. I found myself spending all my time fussing over fonts and colors just so I didn't have to face the important stuff - like building a professional website that builds trust and converts sales.

I spent years trying to build a profitable eCommerce business.

Seriously. Years. I felt like I had all the pieces in place, a pretty website, pretty products and pretty following on Instagram. But nothing was working... and all the pretty wasn't making me any money.

And the reason was, I was focused on the wrong metrics.

Because pretty doesn't equal profit. And I knew if I was going to turn my Shopify store into a legitimate business, I needed a whole new mindset and approach to building my website.

So I made a change, and started focusing on what actually converts to sales.

I want to help you make those changes too.

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